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Ogden Publications, Inc., based in Topeka, Kansas, is the leading information resource serving sustainable living, rural lifestyle, farm memorabilia, and classic motorcycle communities.

Print Publications

The most popular and longest-running sustainable-lifestyle magazine MOTHER EARTH NEWS provides wide-ranging, expert editorial coverage of organic foods, country living, green transportation, renewable energy, natural health, and green building. Lively, insightful, and on the cutting edge, MOTHER EARTH NEWS is the definitive read for the growing number of Americans who choose wisely and live well.

GRIT is a bi-monthly magazine distributed throughout the United States and Canada that celebrates country lifestyles of all kinds while emphasizing the importance of community and stewardship. As North America’s premier rural lifestyle title, GRIT publishes feature-length articles on a broad range of topics that appeal to those already living in the country and those who aspire to get there. Our readers are well-educated, successful and choose to live on the land for many reasons. Most do not depend on their soil for significant income — some choose not to work their land (in the conventional sense) at all. But all share an appreciation for life out where the pavement ends.

Motorcycle Classics is America’s premier magazine for collectors and enthusiasts, dreamers and restorers, newcomers, and lifelong motorheads who love the sound and the beauty of classic bikes. Every issue delivers exciting and evocative articles and photographs of the most brilliant, unusual, and popular motorcycles ever made!

Farm Collector is a bi-monthly magazine focusing on antique tractors and all kinds of antique farm equipment. From windmills to cream separators, hog oilers to horse-drawn equipment, implements to engines to farm toys, if it’s old and from the farm, we’re interested in it!

Countryside magazine is a bi-monthly magazine providing research-based stories and actionable guidance on growing and preserving food, raising healthy animals, DIY projects, cooking simply and naturally, herbal remedies, and fixing what is broken.

Backyard Poultry is an essential guide for a diverse community of poultry lovers. Each bi-monthly issue is accessible to those who live on a farm, in a suburban neighborhood, or are raising poultry in an urban environment.

Goat Journal magazine is a quarterly magazine providing valuable stories on goat health, written by veterinarians and experts.  Each issue is filled with research-based stories and actionable guidance, helping goat newbies and experts alike avoid costly mistakes.

Special Interest Websites

Mother Earth Living is a national natural wellness and conscientious living website dedicated to improving the lives of its visitors through an increased connection with the natural world. From learning about the most nutritious foods to living in greater synergy with the changing seasons, Mother Earth Living is the ultimate guide to living the good life — one of simple joys, holistic health, and an appreciation of everything nature provides.

Gas Engine Magazine is your best source for tractor and stationary gas engine information. You’ll discover restoration stories, company histories, and technical advice from fellow collectors.

Fermentation is the expert resource for curious foodies and can-do culinary entrepreneurs. Backed by hard science, entertaining historical profiles, and our renowned Editorial Board of experts working in the field, this is your passport to next-level food and drink. From kombucha to kimchi, pilsners to pinots, catsup to Camembert, salami to sourdough, and so much more, become a skilled artisan and an informed connoisseur with Fermentation’s fun and holistic approach to this unique epicurean phenomenon. Your dinner parties will never be the same again – amaze friends and family with the stories behind your unique, hand-crafted ferments.

Mother Earth Gardener brings together an array of expert voices and myth-busting science to help you maintain the highest-quality food, flowers, and vegetation. Discover innovative strategies to plan your garden and enhance pollinator activity. Roll up your sleeves and learn soil-boosting techniques, permaculture practices, all about seed-saving, and more! Take the guesswork out of maintaining healthy crops without toxic chemicals every season.

Capper’s Farmer has been taken to heart by families for more than 100 years, striving to enlighten and entertain while concentrating on traditional American values and emphasizes life’s positive perspectives and offers the opportunity to earnestly share joys and tears within the caring community of readers.

At Community Chickens, we’re committed to creating a community made up of every breed of poultry enthusiast, whether you’re just thinking about raising these fascinating creatures or you’ve had them your entire life.

Keeping Backyard Bees (KBBees for short) is a joint effort by Mother Earth News and Grit magazines to create a hive mind of information on bees, beekeeping, pollen, hives, honey, and much more. Our readers may be seasoned beekeepers, they may be interested in starting a hive, or they may even just be concerned about the well-being of bees and want to know what they can do to help.

Utne Reader brings new ideas and fresh perspectives percolating in arts, culture, politics, and spirituality. Utne readers are enthusiastic and motivated agents of social change who want to spend their time and resources making the world a better place. They crave a well-rounded perspective on current events that moves beyond the headlines and sound bites — something Utne Reader has been providing for more than 30 years.

More Information

In addition to its media portfolio, Ogden Publications offers a complete line of individual accident, health and life insurance and annuity products through its Capper’s Insurance Service division. Capper’s Insurance Service serves individuals in Kansas, Nebraska, Missouri and Iowa.

Ogden Newspapers, Inc., headquartered in Wheeling, West Virginia, is a family-owned company and the owner Ogden Publications.

Sunflower Publishing is a print publishing company located in downtown Lawrence, Kansas. Our wide range of clients and projects creates a diverse project portfolio and allows us to excel at start to finish design, production and sales. Sunflower Publishing produces high-quality, award-winning editorial magazines as well as books, performance programs, community guides, catalogs and directories. We offer creative and editorial resources, production, project management, advertising sales, printing and distribution.

Watch this episode of KTWU’s Sunflower Journeys discussing the company’s history and mission. Check out this timeline for a more detailed company history.

Learn more about the people behind Ogden Publications, our Diversity Commitment and our Green Initiatives.