Our diversity and inclusion statement is evolving as our company has many conversations with lots of different folks. We're also interested in letting you all know some of our ongoing initiatives toward greater inclusivity and equity both within the company and in our magazines, webinars, future fairs, websites, and podcasts.

Growing Together

We are working to grow a company where everyone is welcome, where individuals of diverse backgrounds and views can make a difference, where we utilize our platform to promote inclusion and call for an end to discrimination in our society, where we work together internally and with our outside contributors to provide content that demonstrates our commitment to growing a Can-Do community for everyone.

Come grow it with us… 

What we are doing to address racial diversity and eliminate discrimination:

We at Ogden Publications stand with Black, Indigenous, people of color and all others who call for an end to discrimination, be it rooted in race, gender or disability.  We will do our part to dismantle systemic racism and discrimination in our society. We are opening up dialogue throughout our organization and with key partners to listen, learn, and identify ways we can provide needed support.  We invite everyone to be a part of the conversation to help initiate and drive change within our organization, in our industry, and throughout our country.

We are seeking additional authors and members of our editorial board beyond our current writers -- members who can diversify the board as well as offer further reach into the BIPOC community of sustainability.

We are examining our hiring and promoting practices to ensure they are fair and just.  We are choosing opportunities to read, participate in courses at all levels within the organization, as well as share and view online videos that will be used to make and keep us aware of subconscious decisions we are making so we can correct them.

We are examining our vetting practices for our contributors and speakers in an effort to look beyond their speaking and writing skills to ensure there is no racial or gender bias and that we share the same values.

We invite everyone to share their ideas and perspectives as you watch the stages of change, and the progress we are striving to make in order to continue inspiring all communities with can-do passion.

Date: 9/17/20

Right now, September 2020, we are working to contract with a company who will guide us in providing an equitable workplace for all our employees and increasing the diversity of our workforce. The company will help us identify and share specific benchmarks so we can gauge our progress toward our goals, as well as help us pursue in-house staff education on diversity and inclusion.

We are actively seeking diverse presenters and authors to share their experiences and expertise with our audience through webinars, magazine articles, and other media. 

Our audience engagement teams continue working to attract and retain a diverse audience who will be interested in the content we provide, and to share the ideas and experiences of this diverse community across social media platforms.

More updates will be posted as we evolve.

Please feel free to contact us with ideas and suggestions at ogdendiversity@ogdenpubs.com