• Oscar H. Will III

    Oscar H. Will III

    Editorial Director

    Hank Will (Oscar H. Will III) is a business leader, academic and agricultural practitioner devoted to conservation and small scale, sustainable agriculture. He is currently the MOTHER EARTH NEWS editor in chief and editorial director at Ogden Publications, the publisher of titles such as GRIT, Capper’s Farmer, Mother Earth News, Farm Collector and many other print and digital properties. Hank’s small-scale, high-cash flow farming experience spans more than four decades with projects as varied as native perennial plants and heirloom laying chickens. His current project, Prairie Turnip Farm in rural Osage County, Kansas, is home to direct-market Highland beef, Will’s landrace lamb and broiler business. Hank has authored or co-authored seven books, hundreds of articles, and enjoys maintaining the open pollinated corn varieties his great grandfather developed, as well as making Finnish-style puukko knives in his spare time.