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It's a steadily growing market of former suburbanites and city dwellers who are drawn to the country to pursue their dreams outside the city. Rural America consists of buyers who are already living the country life – and those who are considering it. These hobbyists see their pastime as a luxury, not a hardship, and are willing to spend more on their labor of love. Rural consumers enjoy a higher-than-average income - and they spend their extra cash on their homes, gardens, livestock and equipment. In fact, there have been 300,000 new farms since 2002 - reversing decades of decline (according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, 2007 Census). Many of these new farmers focus on sustainability and self-reliance, and they are searching for information on the products and services they need.
For example:

The rural lifestyle market is growing - constituting an estimated 27 million rural property owners with $32 billion in annual spending power.

More than 36% of all farms are considered residential/lifestyle farms, with an additional 21% considered retirement farms.

Small farms are growing because of better technology and farming techniques, rising demand for organic and local produce, and more direct-to-consumer sales (i.e., farmers markets).

Ogden Publications reaches this growing and lucrative rural market. We take your brand directly in the living rooms, gardens, smartphones and backyards of rural America. Our rural consumers have average incomes of $80,651, typically own 22.5 acres of land, and are looking for such products and services as garden supplies, property maintenance, tillers, compact tractors and more. Our brands appeal to rural consumers who are interested in creating a sustainable homestead, farm, and lifestyle for themselves and their families - from farm to table, and everything in between.

With a combined audience of 8.6 million, our publications deliver affluent readers that live outside the city limits. Our rural portfolio includes Mother Earth News, Grit, Capper's Farmer, Farm Collector and Gas Engine Magazine. Each provides distinctive editorial content for all aspects of rural living, including farming, gardening, landscaping, livestock, collecting and more.

Deliver your message via our unique 360 Degree Marketing: a seamless mix of print, online, events, video and television, sweepstakes, and much more. We work with you to ensure that your marketing and sales objectives are met effectively and efficiently - and that you reach our unique rural audience.