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One in four Americans are a part of the sustainable lifestyle sector, representing a $290 billion market. These consumers purchase goods and services focused on the environment, social justice, health, personal development and sustainable living. That’s 41 million people who are fueling progressive social, environmental and economic change in the United States – and the businesses that support these changes.

Five sectors, one goal
The sustainable lifestyle sector comprises several subgroups, including personal health, green and sustainable building, ecotourism, natural lifestyles, alternative energy, and alternative transportation. Although at first glance there might seem to be little connection between certain areas, these consumers believe there is commonality – a holistic worldview of the interconnections of mind, body and spirit. Of utmost concern to these 41 million buyers is the goal of achieving their full human potential. Sustainable lifestyle consumers are moving into the mainstream – and moving the mainstream with them.

How can you reach sustainable lifestyle consumers?
So how can you reach this rich, diverse and powerful group of buyers? Until recently, you might be forced to stitch together a buy across multiple publishers, utilizing poorly targeted media, spending more and getting less.

No longer. The Ogden family of publications delivers these sustainable lifestyle consumers via one easy, targeted and effective buy. Our readers turn to Mother Earth News, Mother Earth Living and Utne Reader for reliable articles, helpful tips and valuable purchase information. These ‘green’ consumers create a ripple effect in the market by guiding and influencing the purchasing decisions of their friends and colleagues.

You can reach them with your products and services via print, web, live events, television, email, direct mail and more with our 360° marketing solutions. Put the power of the sustainable lifestyle market to work today!